Church Planting and the Christian Bubble

Global Church Planting, Craig Ott, Gene Wilson, 978-0-8010-3580-7 

Here’s a great paragraph on the cultural aspect of church planting.

“Most church planters work within their own culture, and consequently they speak the language and feel at home.  Yet even when one is working in one’s native culture, communicating the gospel still presents a challenge.  The longer a person has been a Christian, the more he or she tends to grow apart from the general culture into a Christian subculture.  It is thus easy to lose touch with the people one is trying to reach or have misconceptions of their needs, lifestlye, and worldview.  Today worldview change is occuring at an increasingly rapid pace.  Different subcultures, classes, generations, and educational and socioeconomic groups within the culture may have distinct values, beliefs, and aspirations.  For this reason all church planters should carefully study and become acquainted with the ministry focus people, even if it is not a cross-cultural work.

I agree.

This quote was taken from an excellent book on church planting: Global Church Planting by Craig Ott and Gene Wilson, page 186.

shane lems

2 thoughts on “Church Planting and the Christian Bubble”

  1. We tend to classify subcultures and socioeconomic groups outside of the American mainstream as being “at risk” and we quickly and eagerly support both foreign and domestic missionaries who seek to bring the gospel to these people by planting churches or ministering to specific physical needs.

    Certainly any effort to spread the Good News must be supported and encouraged, but we also need to remember that the folks in the ‘Christian’ subculture are just as “at risk” and need as much evangelism as any other demographic!


  2. There are some rather funny stories about pale-faced Evangelical Anglicans in the backwoods and hinterlands of Africa in the 19th century in surplice, stole, and with a Prayer Book service. They did their best. As a result, the centre of gravity for serious Confessional, Articles-driven, Reformation-oriented, and Anglican faith is Africa. But the image has always lingered with me.



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