A Structured Church Plant

  I’ve come to appreciate Ott and Wilson’s book, Global Church Planting (see here and here).  This book covers many details that church planters do well to know, follow, and implement.  One area worth mentioning here is structuring the church plant – specifically in the area of bylaws or a church constitutions that define the… Continue reading A Structured Church Plant

Church Planting and the Christian Bubble

  Here's a great paragraph on the cultural aspect of church planting. "Most church planters work within their own culture, and consequently they speak the language and feel at home.  Yet even when one is working in one's native culture, communicating the gospel still presents a challenge.  The longer a person has been a Christian, the… Continue reading Church Planting and the Christian Bubble

Global Church Planting

 Many thanks to Baker Publishing for sending me this review copy: Global Church Planting by Craig Ott and Gene Wilson (Grand Rapids: Baker, 2011). This book is difficult to review because it is an in-depth manual that covers nearly every aspect of church planting. I'd love to discuss all the details in-depth here, but the review… Continue reading Global Church Planting