Devoted to Lord’s Day Worship

Sheldon Jackson was a 19th century Presbyterian missionary who travelled over a million miles in the Western frontier of America, including Alaska. After graduating from Princeton Seminary in 1858, his mission field included Minnesota and the surrounding region. Later he was moved to the Colorado area and still later he did extensive mission work in… Continue reading Devoted to Lord’s Day Worship

The “Countercultural Strangeness” of the Gospel

As we know from the stories in Scripture and the stories in church history, the gospel is often not well received. The apostle Paul did say that some view the gospel as foolishness. For others, the gospel is a stumbling block (1 Cor. 1:18-25). Sometimes people will get defensive, upset, and angry when they hear… Continue reading The “Countercultural Strangeness” of the Gospel

The Battle Belongs to God! (Wright)

I mentioned this book a few years ago: The Mission of God by Christopher Wright.  Since it is an excellent resource, I've used it again from time to time in my studies.  This morning while studying the "nations" theme in Luke 24:47 (...repentance for the forgiveness of sins will be preached in his name to all… Continue reading The Battle Belongs to God! (Wright)

Missions, the Far East, and Bruce Hunt

I recently read this fascinating account of 19th century Presbyterian (OPC) missionary Bruce Hunt: For A Testimony.  This book is Hunt’s account of his mission work in the Far East in the 1930’s-40’s.  Hunt (along with his wife and children) was laboring in Harbin, Manchuria during the Second World War.  Hunt, along with other Christians… Continue reading Missions, the Far East, and Bruce Hunt

A Structured Church Plant

  I’ve come to appreciate Ott and Wilson’s book, Global Church Planting (see here and here).  This book covers many details that church planters do well to know, follow, and implement.  One area worth mentioning here is structuring the church plant – specifically in the area of bylaws or a church constitutions that define the… Continue reading A Structured Church Plant