Creation Ex Nihilo – An Essential Christian Doctrine (Bavinck)

The doctrine of creation ex nihilo (out of nothing) is an essential doctrine in Christian theology. The church has always confessed that the triune God created all things out of nothing. When God made this world, he did not do so with preexisting matter or materials. He spoke, and it came to be (Ps. 33:9a ה֣וּא… Continue reading Creation Ex Nihilo – An Essential Christian Doctrine (Bavinck)

The Divine and Perfect Knowledge of God (Turretin)

Back in 17th century Europe there was a religious group of people called Socinians. This group originated with the teachings of Lelio Socinus and his nephew Faustus Socinus. The former rubbed shoulders with Reformers such as Henry Bullinger, Philipp Melanchthon, and John Calvin. Lelio Socinus' teachings worried the Reformers because of his habit of always… Continue reading The Divine and Perfect Knowledge of God (Turretin)

The Reformation and the Church Calendar (Benedict)

The topic of Reformed churches and their use of a church calendar is a somewhat detailed topic. The Protestant Reformation obviously included a reformation of worship according to the Word. The Reformers' opinions about the church calendar differed. By in large, the church calendar was looked down upon by Reformed churches. At the same time,… Continue reading The Reformation and the Church Calendar (Benedict)

The Prophetic Naming of Noah (Kline)

This is a helpful insight into Noah's name and role in Redemptive history: Noah’s agency in God’s establishing of his kingdom community in its sabbath stage on the mountain of the Lord was adumbrated in Lamech’s oracular explanation for naming him “Noah”: “He will bring us relief from the toil of our hands, from our… Continue reading The Prophetic Naming of Noah (Kline)

Meditation: The Food of Your Souls (Brooks)

Psalm 119:15 has been on my mind today: "I will meditate on Your precepts / And regard Your ways" (NASB). In preparation for a short sermon series on biblical meditation I've come across some very helpful resources on the topic. For the next few weeks I'll try to remember to share some here. For today,… Continue reading Meditation: The Food of Your Souls (Brooks)