“Sense for Sense” Translation and the NT use of the OT (Jerome)

The discussion of how the NT authors quoted, cited, or alluded to the OT Scriptures is very big one. There are so many things to think about when contemplating how Paul used Isaiah, for just one of many examples. Which "version" of the Septuagint did he use? Why did he sometimes stick more closely to… Continue reading “Sense for Sense” Translation and the NT use of the OT (Jerome)

Herman Bavinck on the Two Kingdoms

(Note: this is a repost from March, 2009) Earlier, I noted how some Reformed teachers from around 1700 talked about the two kingdoms, the two-fold reign of Christ.  For review, Thomas Watson and Wilhelmus a Brakel (along with others) talked about Christ's general reign over all things and his special reign over the church.  The… Continue reading Herman Bavinck on the Two Kingdoms

Devoted to Lord’s Day Worship

Sheldon Jackson was a 19th century Presbyterian missionary who travelled over a million miles in the Western frontier of America, including Alaska. After graduating from Princeton Seminary in 1858, his mission field included Minnesota and the surrounding region. Later he was moved to the Colorado area and still later he did extensive mission work in… Continue reading Devoted to Lord’s Day Worship

When Narcissism Comes to Church (DeGroat)

We have all seen and/or heard it happen: a pastor or elder exercises authority in such a terribly ungodly way that the church basically implodes. In these situations, people are severely disillusioned, hurt, slandered, trampled on, and manipulated. There are various sins involved in situations like this, to be sure. But often a pastor's pride,… Continue reading When Narcissism Comes to Church (DeGroat)

The Keys of the Kingdom

In Matthew 16:19 Jesus taught his disciples about the keys of the kingdom: I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven (NIV). Because the teaching of the keys of the kingdom… Continue reading The Keys of the Kingdom