The Inexhaustible Riches of Christ and Rest for The Weary (Newton)

We all know this beautiful call and comforting promise of Jesus: Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest (Mt. 11:28 NIV). John Newton preached an excellent sermon on these words. Note how he not only explains the inexhaustible grace and riches of Jesus, but he also… Continue reading The Inexhaustible Riches of Christ and Rest for The Weary (Newton)

The Free Offer, Thomas Boston, and the Marrow Controversy

The Marrow controversy in the Church of Scotland (1718-1726) was an important event in church history. In fact, its importance goes well beyond the Church of Scotland. The controversy was sparked when Edward Fisher’s 1645 work, The Marrow of Modern Divinity was republished in Scotland in 1718. The main points of contention had to do… Continue reading The Free Offer, Thomas Boston, and the Marrow Controversy

Sharing the Gospel with People Who Don’t Know the Bible (Schaeffer)

In chapter five of Francis Schaeffer and the Shaping of Evangelical America, Barry Hankins discussed Francis Schaeffer's 1968 Wheaton College lectures - lectures which were later transcribed and put into book form: Death in the City. It's an interesting story! More could be said about this, for sure, but in Hankin's discussion of Schaeffer's book… Continue reading Sharing the Gospel with People Who Don’t Know the Bible (Schaeffer)

The Great Benefits of Election (Boice)

The doctrine of election that Scripture teaches is not a dry, meaningless dogma that has no bearing on our Christian life. Yes, the Bible does teach unconditional election (cf. Eph 1, Rom. 9-11). And once we really think about election from a biblical perspective, we see it is very important, meaningful, and influential for us… Continue reading The Great Benefits of Election (Boice)

The Responsibility of the Preacher (Kuyper)

I appreciate how Abraham Kuyper discussed the call of the gospel and the pastor's duty in proclaiming that call: This “calling” is a summons. It is not merely the calling of one to tell him something, but a call implying the command to come; or a beseeching call, as when St. Paul prays: “As tho… Continue reading The Responsibility of the Preacher (Kuyper)