A Structured Church Plant

  I’ve come to appreciate Ott and Wilson’s book, Global Church Planting (see here and here).  This book covers many details that church planters do well to know, follow, and implement.  One area worth mentioning here is structuring the church plant – specifically in the area of bylaws or a church constitutions that define the… Continue reading A Structured Church Plant

Overemphasizing the City?

I recently finished Timothy Keller’s Center Church and I really appreciated it.  It was thought-provoking, insightful, motivating, and helpful in many ways.  I do recommend it.  In the next few months I hope to engage it here from time to time and I’ve also written a review for another venue.  In this post, I want… Continue reading Overemphasizing the City?

On Missions in Papua, Indonesia

If you want an informative, God-glorifying, and faith-strengthening missionary story, I recommend The Amazing Danis by David Scovill.  This book is one missionary’s account of his work in Papua, Indonesia (New Guinea – or PNG) starting with his childhood on a farm in Northern Minnesota (when gas was just 13 cents a gallon!). David Scovill… Continue reading On Missions in Papua, Indonesia

The OT and Christian Missions

 Christopher Wright’s The Mission of God is an outstanding contribution to the fields of hermeneutics, biblical theology, missions, and evangelism (among others).  It is a unique and amazing resource for pastors, church planters, missionaries, and any Christian interested in a detailed yet readable study of the mission of our Triune God.  Here’s one short quote… Continue reading The OT and Christian Missions

Missionaries and the Mission Field: On Leaving

As I’ve mentioned before, Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours? by Roland Allen is an absolute must-read for missionaries, evangelists, church planters, and others involved in mission work.  Though it might be a bit dated, the content is more than a little valuable.  For example, near the end of the book Allen talks about how… Continue reading Missionaries and the Mission Field: On Leaving