Going Deeper with New Testament Greek: A Brief Review

For the past few months I’ve been working through Kostenberger/Merkle/Plummer’s ”Going Deeper with New Testament Greek” (B&H Academic, Nashville: 2020). Although I did take Greek in college and in seminary, from time to time I like to get a new Greek grammar/syntax in order to keep learning the language. I’m about 60% finished with Going… Continue reading Going Deeper with New Testament Greek: A Brief Review

Political Theology – The Civil Government (VanDrunen)

I'm in the middle of reading this 2020 publication: Politics after Christendom: Political Theology in A Fractured World by David VanDrunen. I'm enjoying it so far! I especially appreciate the first chapter. In this chapter, VanDrunen gives a biblical foundation for political theology. That is, VanDrunen summarizes the Bible's view of the state (civil government).… Continue reading Political Theology – The Civil Government (VanDrunen)

A Gospel Primer: Review

I recently picked up this book: A Gospel Primer for Christians by Milton Vincent (Focus Publishing, 2008). A Gospel Primer is something like a devotional that teaches people to meditate upon the gospel every day. Or, in Vincent's terms, "This book is offered as a handy guide to help Christians experience the gospel more fully… Continue reading A Gospel Primer: Review

A People-Pleaser or A Servant? (Priolo)

Here's a good question: what's the difference between being a people-pleaser and being someone who is a servant of others? John wrote about the attitude of people-pleasers: "They loved the approval of men rather than the approval of God" (John 12:43 NASB). Of course Scripture also talks about those who serve other people in the… Continue reading A People-Pleaser or A Servant? (Priolo)

The Mercies of God Work Good for His People (Watson)

"The mercies of God work for good to the godly." Thomas Watson (d. 1686) made this statement in his book called All Things for Good. Under this statement Watson gave quite a few biblical examples that are edifying and helpful. I've put them below in summary form: The mercies of God humble us (2. Sam.… Continue reading The Mercies of God Work Good for His People (Watson)