The God of Miracles (Bavinck)

This is a wonderful description of God's sovereignty and providence applied to the topic of miracles: ...The Scriptures teach that God and the world, although they are different from each other, are never separated. God has indeed a unique, perfect, independent existence in Himself, but He is not segregated from the world; on the contrary,… Continue reading The God of Miracles (Bavinck)

Spiritual Abuse and Church Bullies: A Helpful Resource

Here's an excellent book that directly confronts the problem of spiritual abuse in the church: Bully Pulpit: Confronting the Problem of Spiritual Abuse in the Church by Michael Kruger. Sadly, there are plenty of stories about how pastors manipulate, gaslight, deceive, and harm people in the church. Sometimes a pastor believes his vision is God's… Continue reading Spiritual Abuse and Church Bullies: A Helpful Resource

Was Jesus a Christian?

(This is a re-post from October 2014) Funny thing: when we read the phrase, “Jesus was not a Christian,” some might pause and at first be inclined to disagree.  But biblically speaking, it’s true.  Jesus was not a Christian!  J. Gresham Machen explained this quite well around 90 years ago: “According to a very widespread… Continue reading Was Jesus a Christian?

Renouncing Rationalism to Recover Rationality (Schaeffer)

I really appreciate some of the points Francis Schaeffer made in Escape from Reason. Specifically, I enjoyed chapter seven which Schaeffer called "Rationality and Faith." Here's a helpful section from that chapter: Christianity has the opportunity, therefore, to speak clearly of the fact that its answer has the very thing that modern man has despaired… Continue reading Renouncing Rationalism to Recover Rationality (Schaeffer)

Repelling Satan’s Temptations with Scripture (Winslow)

In Octavius Winslow's book, The Sympathy of Christ, he spends some time discussing Christ's temptation (Mt 4:1-11). Winslow comments on Christ's temptation and then explains how Christ understands our temptations (Heb 2:18, 4:15). He even gives practical insight into fighting off Satan's temptations in a Christ-like way. For example, Winslow says we must beware of… Continue reading Repelling Satan’s Temptations with Scripture (Winslow)