God’s Word Is Not Bound!

In his second letter to Timothy, Paul wrote this wonderful truth: The word of God cannot be chained (NLT) (ὁ λόγος τοῦ θεοῦ οὐ δέδεται NA28) [2 Tim. 2:9b]. When studying this phrase today I found a great short comment on this verse by Chrysostom (d. 407). Any cloud passing over our skies may from… Continue reading God’s Word Is Not Bound!

Faith Does Not Say, “What Have I Done?” (Luther)

In Galatians 2:4-5 the Apostle wrote this:  [Now] this matter arose [because of the false brothers with false pretenses who slipped in unnoticed to spy on our freedom that we have in Christ Jesus, to make us slaves]. But [we did not surrender to them even for a moment, in order that the truth of the… Continue reading Faith Does Not Say, “What Have I Done?” (Luther)

What He Did For Us (Calvin)

In 1550 John Calvin wrote the preface to the Geneva Bible. His preface was titled, "Christ, the End of the Law." This essay is a brilliant example of a robustly Christ centered interpretation of Scripture. In one section Calvin wonderfully put together a string of biblical phrases explaining what Christ has done for his people.… Continue reading What He Did For Us (Calvin)

A Religion of Merit or a Religion of Grace? (Machen)

Many endorsements of many new Christian books say things like "must read" or "must have on your shelves" or "this book is a modern classic." The cynic in me rolls my eyes at these kinds of endorsements; in some ways it is just hype. Forgive me for my cynicism! Now I do believe there are… Continue reading A Religion of Merit or a Religion of Grace? (Machen)

The Bible, Violence, and the Gospel

Even if we haven't seen many examples of violence up close and in real life, we are very familiar with it. From news stories about shootings and mob riots to movies and TV series full of serious violence, we know what it is. And we know it's not good! Speaking of violence, there's a helpful… Continue reading The Bible, Violence, and the Gospel