The Whole Chain Holdeth (Sibbes)

The unbreakable, unchanging love of God for his children is one of the most comforting truths in Christianity.  God's love for us in Christ is a free love.  This means it is not dependent upon something in us or something we have done or left undone.  He knew we were ungodly sinners, yet he loved… Continue reading The Whole Chain Holdeth (Sibbes)

God’s Saving Love: Personal or Impersonal?

Greg Forster makes a great point about the Calvinist view of God's love in contrast to other views of God's love.  Either God's love is a personal, intimate love that embraces some sinners, as the Calvinist says, or it is an impersonal, abstract love that embraces none.  Here's how Forster says it: Every tradition besides… Continue reading God’s Saving Love: Personal or Impersonal?

The Prophets, Suffering, and Jesus (Vos)

 In an article on Jeremiah 31:3 (I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness. NIV) Geerhardus Vos explained the context of Jeremiah's ministry as one of suffering and the burden of having a prophetic understanding of Israel's dismal future.  In that context, a reminder of God's love must have… Continue reading The Prophets, Suffering, and Jesus (Vos)

Instead of Complaining…

From a letter by John Newton on May 31, 1775:“My experience is made up of enigmas, but the sum and solution of all is, that I am a vile creature, but I have a good Lord.  He has chosen me; and I through his rich grace have chosen him.  I trust there is an engagement… Continue reading Instead of Complaining…

Of Course God Loves Me! (Why Wouldn’t He?)

As many of you know well, the predominate Western view of God is that he loves everyone.  Though he might get angry at people like Hitler, Hussein, or Bin Laden, he loves the rest of us.  Many pulpits echo this sentiment.  Preachers will not talk about God's justice, wrath, or holiness, but they will remind… Continue reading Of Course God Loves Me! (Why Wouldn’t He?)