Sola Scriptura and Tradition (Vanhoozer/Muller)

There is some misunderstanding in evangelicalism about the meaning of "sola scriptura" (Scripture alone). It would take a bit of time and space to go into detail on this statement. For now, I just want to point out one aspect of sola scriptura that people almost always forget: the important place of tradition in biblical… Continue reading Sola Scriptura and Tradition (Vanhoozer/Muller)

The Reformation and the Church Calendar (Benedict)

The topic of Reformed churches and their use of a church calendar is a somewhat detailed topic. The Protestant Reformation obviously included a reformation of worship according to the Word. The Reformers' opinions about the church calendar differed. By in large, the church calendar was looked down upon by Reformed churches. At the same time,… Continue reading The Reformation and the Church Calendar (Benedict)

Luther on His Severe Attacks of the Roman Catholic Church

In 1520 Martin Luther wrote - among other things - three treatises that became very popular. In many ways these three treatises are a must-read for students of the Reformation. These treatises are as follows: "To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation," "The Babylonian Captivity of the Church," and "The Freedom of a Christian."… Continue reading Luther on His Severe Attacks of the Roman Catholic Church

To Elsie, My Dear Friend in Christ (Luther)

Here's a great Reformation resource: Luther's Letters to Women. It was originally translated by Georgiana Malcom and published in 1865. It contains quite a few letters Luther wrote to his wife Katherine and other female Christian friends of his. These letters are not just a window into the Reformer's historical context, life, and thought, they… Continue reading To Elsie, My Dear Friend in Christ (Luther)

Persecution and Providence (Calvin)

In 1557 the Reformed church in Paris was facing pretty severe persecution. In a letter that John Calvin wrote to the church in Paris during this time he mentioned his prayers for them and his desire to help them more. It seems like some Christians had attempted to send some sort of aid and helps… Continue reading Persecution and Providence (Calvin)