The Clarity of Scripture (Bavinck)

One wonderful aspect or attribute of Scripture is that it is clear in the matters of salvation. This has been called the perspicuity of Scripture. The Westminster Confession explains this teaching quite well in chapter 1, sections 6 & 7. One thing the Confession says is that both learned and unlearned people can attain a… Continue reading The Clarity of Scripture (Bavinck)

The Perspicuity (Clarity) of Scripture

This is one of my favorite resources for studying the Westminster Confession of Faith: An Exposition of the Westminster Confession of Faith by Robert Shaw (originally published in the 1850’s).  It is clear, brief, biblical, and edifying.  This morning I ran across Shaw’s discussion of Scripture – specifically the perspicuity (clarity) of Scripture (WCF 1.6-7). … Continue reading The Perspicuity (Clarity) of Scripture

Singing and the Perspicuity of Scripture (II)

Awhile back I argued that we need to update the vocab, syntax, and grammar of our church songs.  We should want our church songs to clearly reflect the teaching of Scripture; keeping the language understandable will help in that endeavor. The basis of these statements is what we in the Reformation tradition call the perspicuity (clarity) of… Continue reading Singing and the Perspicuity of Scripture (II)