Toil, Labor, and the Christian Life (Boston)

 There are many texts and stories in the Bible which tell us that the Christian life is sometimes a kind of labor or toil.  For example, the young Thessalonian church was known for its toil of love (1 Thes. 1:3).  Paul has to remind the Corinthian church that their labor was not in vain (1… Continue reading Toil, Labor, and the Christian Life (Boston)

He Gives to His Beloved, Sleep (NET)

 As I've mentioned here before, the NET Bible has been a helpful resource in my Bible studies.  Even though I might not agree with every single translation choice or footnote wording, the NET Bible is one that I use daily.  I especially like the translators' notes which explain why they chose the translation they did.… Continue reading He Gives to His Beloved, Sleep (NET)