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If you’re studying a topic that you want other sources for, this blog can be a place for quick reference.  Notice the “search” widget at the top of the left column.  In it, you can type the word, author, or idea you want to find posts on.  For example, if you type in Willimon, all posts with Willimon in the title or post will come up.  Same for Exodus, Bavinck, Epistemology, Archaeology, Kuyper and so on!

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19 comments on “Searching This Blog

  1. Russ says:

    Cool Site! thanks for all the hard work!


  2. Tom Lassiter says:

    I enjoy these informative reviews each day! It causes me to think and reflect on our sovereign God. The book reviews are excellent, making me aware of books and authors I otherwise would not have known about. Thanks!


  3. Matt says:

    Can you tell me if there is a Reformed church in or near Seattle because I cannot seem to find one.



  4. matt says:

    Thank you, Shane.

    I have been planning to check out Exile, as I enjoy Pastor Stellman’s blog. I had to look up where Sunnyside is – wish it was closer to Seattle. I’ll check out the other link you sent.



  5. matt says:

    Whoops, I just realized the seattlerpchurch is the RP church I visited a couple times before. It’s a very small congregation. The problem is getting my wife to appreciate/understand Reformed theology and the accompanying churches.

    thanks again


  6. matt says:

    Kent’s too far for me, as is Yakima. But thanks for the invite. If I ever get to Sunnyside I will definitely contact you.


  7. Hello! Recently “Valley of the Shadows: Kingdom of Hillael” was published – a nearly 500-page epic adventure fantasy novel. It is loosely based on Psalm 23. I am looking for reviewers and will make the book available to you in either eBook or pdf version. Please check out our website and read the free excerpt there.

    For me this is totally a “God thing.” The book was written in two months, and Lord knows I’m a self-proclaimed story-teller, but this is monumentally His! Thank you for your time and consideration. :)

    God Bless America, God Bless us all,
    Amre :)


  8. P.S. Sorry, the website didn’t show up. Please go to Again, thank you so much. :)


  9. Stan Vos says:

    Great site do not come often; always short on time but when I do it is very worth while and edifing
    keep up the great work Andrew./ Shane


  10. matt says:

    Thank you for all the great book resources and your dedication to serving your neighbor and our great God.


  11. Zach Sprowls says:

    Hey guys, I have a book suggestion for you to consider: “Engaging with God” by David Peterson. It’s a biblical theology of worship. I’m a pastoral assistant in charge of music at a reformed church in Virginia and would love to hear your thoughts on that book.


    • Zach – saw it on Amazon just now – hadn’t heard of it before. It has some great reviews! I did put it on my wish list. Next time I study the topic of worship, I’m sure I’ll get it. Thanks!


  12. Richard Gist says:

    Ha! I was looking for a way to contact Shane, to request a book review for You Don’t Understand the Bible because You are Christian, but have not found a way to contact him. Does that mean he is no longer reviewing books?


  13. This is not about your Search function but about your snow drifting across the screen. Maybe it is a new feature since I don’t remember seeing it before. I find it very distracting and almost unnerving.

    As one who has residual problems with hypervigilance (having been a victim of domestic abuse) can I suggest you remove it?


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