When Democracy Degenerates (Zwingli)

In 1531 Ulrich Zwingli wrote what is now called "An Exposition of the Faith." He wrote it to the French court to explain the doctrines he believed - doctrines which the other early Reformers also taught and which were ultimately based on Scripture. One point in this document Zwingli is where basically noted that he… Continue reading When Democracy Degenerates (Zwingli)

The Reformation and Its Letters (Benedict)

Those who are familiar with the history and literature of the Reformation know that it was a time of much writing. The printing presses of the day - a relatively new technology in the early 16th century - seemed to be working around the clock to get Reformation literature into the hands of the people.… Continue reading The Reformation and Its Letters (Benedict)

He Calls You So Graciously (Zwingli)

Huldreich (Ulrich) Zwingli, the Swiss Reformer, was born in 1484, the same year as the German Reformer, Martin Luther. Zwingli is often known today for his memorialist view of the Lord's Supper. However, there's a lot more to Zwingli's labors and teaching than a certain view of the Supper. He did clearly preach the truths… Continue reading He Calls You So Graciously (Zwingli)

Holding the Word in the ​Highest Esteem (Zwingli)

 Many of us may know about Ulrich Zwingli's memorial view of the Lord's Supper.  And some of us, such as myself, might disagree with it.  But Zwingli had some good teaching from which we can learn.  For one example, in 1522 Zwingli preached a sermon on the clarity and certainty of God's word.  The published version… Continue reading Holding the Word in the ​Highest Esteem (Zwingli)

Zwingli on Infant Baptism in the OT

The early Reformer Huldreich Zwingli wrote a helpful treatise against early baptists.  The title of this treatise (which made me chuckle at first) is Refutation of the Tricks of the Catabaptists.  Though Zwingli isn't always the best to read, in my opinion, this tract is more than worthwhile. For example, he uses Paul's discussion in 1 Cor 10.1-2 (our… Continue reading Zwingli on Infant Baptism in the OT