God’s Sovereign Will and the Salvation of the Elect (Zanchi)

Zanchius, Predestination In light of his debates with John Wesley (1703-1791) about free will, predestination, and other related topics, Augustus Toplady (1740-1778) edited and translated some of Jerome Zanchi's 16th century writing on predestination. I'm not certain about the details of Toplady's editing and translating work but it's an enjoyable read so far. Here's a… Continue reading God’s Sovereign Will and the Salvation of the Elect (Zanchi)

Hypercalvinism, Election, and Godliness (Zanchi)

Hypercalvinism is a serious distortion of the gospel and the grace of God.  In hypercalvinist circles you'll hear sermons on election and reprobation, but you'll rarely hear calls to faith and repentance.  Hypercalvinists don't want to sound Arminian so they usually don't use terms like "receive Christ" or "flee to Jesus."  Hypercalvinism shows up in… Continue reading Hypercalvinism, Election, and Godliness (Zanchi)