Young, Restless, and Culturally Arrogant? (Part 1)

Some younger Christians poke fun of the traditions and habits of older Christians and churches.  They say that the older Christians/churches are totally out of touch with society and therefore are neither “missional” nor “relevant” (to use evangelical buzzwords).  I appreciate how Andrew Byers discusses this.  Since this quote is a bit long I’ve put… Continue reading Young, Restless, and Culturally Arrogant? (Part 1)

Is Religion Bad?

Among the many trends in the New Calvinism (or the Young Restless and Reformed movement) is the prominent dislike of the word “religion.”  I’ve heard a lot of people speak and write about religion as being a moral straitjacket, rigid, and not Christian.  They say religion is one thing, the gospel is another thing.  Essentially… Continue reading Is Religion Bad?

Young, Restless, Reformed: I Failed!

I just finished reading Kluck and Bartels’ humorous discussion of the YRR movement: Younger, Restlesser, Reformeder.  Though not nearly as funny as Shock and Awe by Celebrity Pastor, it is thick with satire (sort of like “Stuff White People Like”).  There wasn’t a quiz exactly in the book, but for our readers, I’ve drawn my… Continue reading Young, Restless, Reformed: I Failed!