N.T. Wright on Romans 13: Civil Government

If you've been reading "The Reformed Reader" for quite a while, you know that I'm at major odds with N.T. Wright when it comes to justification, imputation, and faith alone. That is still the case; yet to be honest, I think that other things N.T. Wright has written are helpful and worth while. His brief… Continue reading N.T. Wright on Romans 13: Civil Government

N.T. Wright and Exegetical Fallacies?

Something recently hit me concerning Wright's definition of righteousness in Romans 1.17.  I'll quote his definition of righteousness and contrast it with another book I've been reading.  I'll let you comment or think about the ramifications. "God's covenant with Abraham was always intended as the means by which the creator God would rescue the world from evil,… Continue reading N.T. Wright and Exegetical Fallacies?