God’s Wrath/Anger Against Wickedness (Morris)

 Here's a helpful commentary by Leon Morris on Paul's discussion of God's anger or wrath being revealed against man's ungodliness and unrighteousness (Rom. 1:18): It is, of course, true that God is love. But it is not true that this rules out any realistic view of God’s wrath.  ...Wrath is perhaps not an ideal term,… Continue reading God’s Wrath/Anger Against Wickedness (Morris)

Anger and Us – Our Anger (Powlison)

  David Powlison's book Good and Angry is an outstanding resource on anger.  It does a good job balancing and summarizing the biblical teaching about anger - God's and ours.   In chapter five Powlison noted the truth that our anger isn't just a "thing" or an "it," but something we do as humans.  Here's a summary of… Continue reading Anger and Us – Our Anger (Powlison)

God’s Wrath, God’s Love, and the Cross (Carson)

 God's love and his wrath are on display throughout the Bible.  I realize "the wrath of God" sounds harsh in many people's ears, but it clearly is a teaching of the Bible.  It's a teaching that has to do with the perfect justice of God.  Here's how Don Carson well explained the love and wrath of… Continue reading God’s Wrath, God’s Love, and the Cross (Carson)