Devoted to Lord’s Day Worship

Sheldon Jackson was a 19th century Presbyterian missionary who travelled over a million miles in the Western frontier of America, including Alaska. After graduating from Princeton Seminary in 1858, his mission field included Minnesota and the surrounding region. Later he was moved to the Colorado area and still later he did extensive mission work in… Continue reading Devoted to Lord’s Day Worship

On Not Broadcasting a Worship Service (Lloyd-Jones)

Sometime during the 1960s D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones preached in the United States at a church that broadcasted the evening service on the radio. You can find this story in chapter 13 of Preaching & Preachers. At the end of his story about preaching at this worship service, Lloyd-Jones gave his opinion on broadcasting a service… Continue reading On Not Broadcasting a Worship Service (Lloyd-Jones)

Conscience, Prayer, and Public Worship (Gurnall)

In his lengthy discussion of prayer based on Ephesians 6:18, William Gurnall connected it (prayer) to conscience and public worship. Habitually joining with other believers for Lord's Day worship is a duty of the Christian. So is prayer - public and private. Here's how Gurnall weaves these together. I've edited it for readability. Make conscience… Continue reading Conscience, Prayer, and Public Worship (Gurnall)

Women, Worship, and Hair Curls!?

Charlotte D'mornay (d. 1606) was a follower of Christ during the tumultuous religious period in late 16th century France. As a Protestant, she was being hunted for her faith during the St. Bartholomew's massacre. She barely escaped by boat and finally made it to Montauban (Southern France). In 1576 she married Philip, a devoted Christian… Continue reading Women, Worship, and Hair Curls!?

Depersonalizing the Holy Spirit, Modalism, and Worship (Horton)

Michael Horton's recent book on the Holy Spirit is quite helpful in many ways. I was re-reading the opening chapter this morning and the following paragraphs were a good reminder for me. Here they are: Even in broader Christian piety, there is a tendency to treat the Holy Spirit as a force or source of… Continue reading Depersonalizing the Holy Spirit, Modalism, and Worship (Horton)