A Christian View of Knowledge (K. Samples)

One of my favorite books on apologetics and worldview is A World of Difference by Kenneth Samples.  I’ve mentioned it here on the blog from time to time; while I was recently flipping through it again, I re-read a helpful discussion of the Christian, biblical view of knowledge (Christian epistemology).  I’ll summarize it here: 1)… Continue reading A Christian View of Knowledge (K. Samples)

Marriage, Sex, and Moral Nihilism

Here’s another helpful excerpt from one of Chuck Colson’s previously unpublished short essays: “We have an absolute duty to start training our children in [the] biblical worldview when they are just beyond the toddler years.  They’ve got to start understanding that there are some basic truths in life, and that if we abandon them, the… Continue reading Marriage, Sex, and Moral Nihilism

“What’s Your Worldview” Reviewed

This is a unique book: What’s Your Worldview by James Anderson.  In just 103 pages, Anderson discusses and evaluates the basic worldviews – including monism, materialism, skepticism, relativism, polytheism, and so forth, totaling twenty-one worldviews.  The book isn’t written like a regular book; instead, it is written in the style of a “choose your own… Continue reading “What’s Your Worldview” Reviewed

The Worldview of Naturalism

In Western culture, one popular worldview is that of naturalism.  Naturalism is the worldview that believes, in a word, that nature is all there is.  This worldview “regards the natural, material, and physical universe as the only reality.”  Naturalists say the cosmos is a closed system of cause and effect; nothing is beyond nature, there… Continue reading The Worldview of Naturalism

Newbigin: Plausibility Structures and the Empty Tomb

I just started reading this older but very significant work by Newbigin: The Gospel in a Pluralist Society (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1989).  So far, it is more than intriguing!  I haven't read much Newbigin, so I cannot yet offer a fuller critique/evaluation, but I'll post a few parts that I thought were helpful (taken from… Continue reading Newbigin: Plausibility Structures and the Empty Tomb