Our Foundation of Grace (Owen)

In one part of his exposition of Psalm 130, John Owen discussed receiving forgiveness and being assured of it.  One of his "rules" was this: "Mix not foundation and building-work together."  By this Owen meant that the Christian's foundation of forgiveness and acceptance with God is not by works, but by grace alone and found… Continue reading Our Foundation of Grace (Owen)

If A Man Attempt To Blend Them Together…

I've been enjoying Charles Simeon's commentary on Galatians.  Here's part of his exposition of Galatians 4:8-11: Men, by nature, are born under the law: and they invariably look to their obedience to the law as the ground of their hope towards God. But, as it is impossible for fallen man ever to render to the… Continue reading If A Man Attempt To Blend Them Together…

Our Best Works (Witsius)

I’ve been enjoying Herman Witsius’ discussion of antinomianism and neonomianism in Britain during the 17th century.  The full title is a mouthful: Conciliatory or Irenical Animadversions on the Controversies Agitated in Britain.  Below is a section near the end where Witsius talks about a believer’s good works and why they cannot be part of or… Continue reading Our Best Works (Witsius)

“Believing is not Doing”or “Sins Countless as the Stars”

 Octavious Winslow to the those struggling with sin, guilt, imperfection, and doubt about the gospel: “It is not for your worth that you are saved, but for Christ’s worth.  It is not on the ground of your personal merits that you are justified, but on the ground of Christ’s merits alone.  It is not upon… Continue reading “Believing is not Doing”or “Sins Countless as the Stars”