The Guidance of the Holy Spirit (Murray)

Christians sometimes wonder what it means to be led by the Holy Spirit or to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This is a big topic for sure! But one thing to note is that God the Holy Spirit always works in, through, and according to his word. That is, the Spirit of God… Continue reading The Guidance of the Holy Spirit (Murray)

The Word Is Greater Than The Preacher (Luther)

 Last year I posted this section of a sermon Martin Luther gave on Luke 2, but it's worth mentioning again in our celebrity preacher situation.  In this part of the sermon, Luther was talking about how the shepherds outside of Bethlehem heard the angels' words proclaiming the Savior's birth.  Luther noted that the angels heard… Continue reading The Word Is Greater Than The Preacher (Luther)

Holding the Word in the ​Highest Esteem (Zwingli)

 Many of us may know about Ulrich Zwingli's memorial view of the Lord's Supper.  And some of us, such as myself, might disagree with it.  But Zwingli had some good teaching from which we can learn.  For one example, in 1522 Zwingli preached a sermon on the clarity and certainty of God's word.  The published version… Continue reading Holding the Word in the ​Highest Esteem (Zwingli)

Creation A Sacrament? (Horton)

The apostle Peter said that Christians have been born again by the word of God, which is the preaching of the gospel (1 Pet. 1:23, 25). The Holy Spirit gives life to dead hearts through the preaching of good news: Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. The Spirit uses the words, sounds, speaking, and hearing the… Continue reading Creation A Sacrament? (Horton)

Not the Preacher, but the Word (Luther)

Luther's Sermons I have always appreciated Martin Luther's sermons. And this time of year I especially enjoy his Christmas sermons. Below is a great section of his sermon on Luke 2, where the angel told the shepherds about the birth of the Messiah and Lord, Jesus. The shepherds believed the announcement as God's word and… Continue reading Not the Preacher, but the Word (Luther)