Taking the Sufficiency of Scripture Seriously (Murray)

 John Murray's article, "The Finality and Sufficiency of Scripture" is a wonderful explanation of those twin biblical truths about Scripture.  One section of this article that I read today had some comments in it that are still applicable for us in our setting: Here, I believe, we have too often made the mistake of not… Continue reading Taking the Sufficiency of Scripture Seriously (Murray)

The Blessings of Bible Study (Witsius)

 Don't let anyone convince you that those older Reformed theologians were dry, dispassionate teachers who were only concerned about bare doctrine and orthodoxy.  Read what Herman Witsius (d. 1708) had to say about the blessings of Bible study. I take it he's speaking from experience! The Word of God... when studied attentively, has also an… Continue reading The Blessings of Bible Study (Witsius)

Saving Eutychus: A Review

As a pastor, I try to read homiletics books from time to time to help me continue to grow as a Christian preacher.  I recently purchased Saving Eutychus by Gary Millar and Phil Campbell (two Presbyterian pastors from Australia).  I want to point out this brief book here because it is a good resource on… Continue reading Saving Eutychus: A Review

The Pope’s Second Hand Junk

 The following are words from the last few minutes of an address R. C. Sproul gave to the 2008 graduating class of Westminster Seminary California.  "[In a sermon late in his life, Luther] wondered, why is it that [despite gospel preaching] people are still spending their money on indulgences and on what Luther called the Pope's… Continue reading The Pope’s Second Hand Junk