The Dangers of Overemphasizing Women’s Submission (Miller)

 The Bible teaches that in a marriage relationship the wife needs to submit to her own husband (e.g. Eph. 5:24).  However, the Bible says so many other things about wives and women.  If we focus too much on the call to submit and nearly ignore the other biblical teaching on wives and women, it often… Continue reading The Dangers of Overemphasizing Women’s Submission (Miller)

The Duties of Marriage and the 5th Commandment

In Thomas Vincent’s discussion of the Westminster Shorter Catechism, he explains and applies the fifth commandment to husbands and wives.  I’ve abbreviated and edited it slightly.  As you read, remember that solid Christian doctrine leads to solid Christian living: the two go hand in hand.  You’ll see what I mean as you read Vincent’s words:… Continue reading The Duties of Marriage and the 5th Commandment

A Firm Basis for Christian Marriage (Bonhoeffer)

"Jesus does not enjoin his disciples to marry, but he does sanctify marriage according to the law by affirming its indissolubility and by prohibiting the innocent party from remarrying when the guilty partner has broken the marriage by adultery.  This prohibition liberates marriage from selfish, evil desire, and consecrates it to the service of love,… Continue reading A Firm Basis for Christian Marriage (Bonhoeffer)