His Deeds + His Words = Witness (Warfield)

 Benjamin B. Warfield's 1907 publication Lord of Glory is an excellent resource for the NT study of Christ's deity.  The subtitle is this: "A Study of the Designations of Our Lord in the New Testament with Especial Reference to His Deity."  Here's an excellent section I read today while studying the NT phrase Jesus is Lord: We… Continue reading His Deeds + His Words = Witness (Warfield)

Martin Luther on the Witness of the Holy Spirit

This is a golden passage from Luther's 1532 sermon on John 15.26-16.4 (specifically 15.26). "Christ says very definitely, the Holy Spirit will witness of me, of me and not of someone else. Beyond this witness of the Holy Spirit about Christ there is no sure and abiding comfort. That is why one should write the… Continue reading Martin Luther on the Witness of the Holy Spirit