Why DID We Crucify Him?

  I'm still thinking critically about the present-day view of Jesus, the view of which Deepak Chopra advocates by painting a rosy-cozy picture of a "third" Jesus.  Awhile back we saw Machen's comments that were excellent and appropriate.  From a different "tradition," here's Bishop Willimon's take on this whole thing. "It is odd that we have made even Jesus into such a quivering mass of affirmation… Continue reading Why DID We Crucify Him?

Conversations with Barth on Preaching

"Preaching is utterly dependent upon a God who raises the dead and who calls some people to tell about it.  If there is no God to make the preacher's sermon 'work,' then the preacher is the greatest of fools.  The messenger is disposable by, dispensable to, and derivative of the message.  We have this treasure… Continue reading Conversations with Barth on Preaching

The Sabbath and the Small Church

Here's some more great stuff from Preaching and Worship in the Small Church by Willimon and Wilson (Nashville: Abigdon, 1980).  This time the authors write about the primary activity of the small church: Sunday worship. The authors lament the fact that a hundred other things have taken the place of Sunday worship in American churches. … Continue reading The Sabbath and the Small Church

(Still) Sinning Like a Christian

Willimon speaks well on sin in this book, Sinning Like a Christian (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2005).  The introduction is great - as is the rest of the book.  In the intro, he says that we Christian sinners understand sin: "it is to sit lightly on our meager moral triumphs, knowing that they are tinged with… Continue reading (Still) Sinning Like a Christian

A Small Church: Maybe Not So Bad After All!

Though this book was penned in 1980, it still speaks volumes to our present "church" situation.  William Willimon and Robert Wilson wrote it: Preaching and Worship in the Small Church (Nashville: Abingdon, 1980).  Here are a few helpful quotes/comments. Some people "have a gnawing feeling that the small church is somehow second-rate and does not… Continue reading A Small Church: Maybe Not So Bad After All!