Christian Writing, Vulgar Speech, and William Tyndale

 Sadly and unfortunately there are Christian books, blogs, and other Christian writings that contain coarse and vulgar language.  Although I don't read blogs very often, I've read enough to know that some popular Christian blogs use edgy and crude language.  I've read enough blogs and Christian social media to know that some authors use sketchy… Continue reading Christian Writing, Vulgar Speech, and William Tyndale

The “Bright Light” of Romans (Tyndale)

 In 1526 William Tyndale published a preface to his English translation of Romans.  The year before (1525), his English translation of the New Testament was printed in Worms.  [It was, of course, smuggled illegally into England, where church leaders quickly labeled it as a heretical work overflowing with false teaching.  In time, many of his… Continue reading The “Bright Light” of Romans (Tyndale)

Protesting Papal Snares

Sometimes we Protestants forget our protest.  The Reformation came about because certain Christian men boldly protested the heinous abuses of the Roman Catholic Church.  These weren’t minor abuses; it wasn’t like the Reformers were simply upset about a few songs, candle arrangements, and the writings of one or two priests.  The Reformers protested against Rome… Continue reading Protesting Papal Snares

Our Good Deeds Justify Us Not

  Here’s helpful section of “The Obedience of the Christian Man,” written by William Tyndale and first published in 1528. “Our blind disputers will say, if our good deeds justify us not, if God look not on our good deeds neither regard them nor love us the better for them what need we to do… Continue reading Our Good Deeds Justify Us Not

Tyndale on the Sufficiency of the Atonement

Here's William Tyndale's great description of the sufficiency of Christ's death on the cross. GOD anointed his Son Jesus with the Holy Ghost, and therefore called him Christ; which is as much to say as anointed. Outwardly he disguised him not; but made him like other men, and sent him into the world to bless… Continue reading Tyndale on the Sufficiency of the Atonement