Hallowed Be Your Name (Perkins)

Earlier this week I was studying and thinking about the holiness of God. In my studies, I found this great prayer by William Perkins that summarizes the first petition of the Lord's Prayer: "Father, hallowed be your name" (Lk. 11:2 NIV). This prayer of Perkins is quoted by A. W. Pink in his book on… Continue reading Hallowed Be Your Name (Perkins)

Sale Notice: Excellent Reformed Resources on Logos

I typically don't do blog posts like this, but I just noticed that Logos Bible Software is having a pretty good sale on some very good Reformed resources. And I hope our readers don't mind me posting a list of the sales here - maybe it'll be of some use for some people! If not,… Continue reading Sale Notice: Excellent Reformed Resources on Logos

The Great Use of Knowing the Gospel (Perkins)

Early on in Galatians, Paul mentions the gospel: “…Jesus Christ, who gave himself for our sins to rescue us from this present evil age… (NIV).  William Perkins has some encouraging words in his commentary on this verse, which I’ll post below.  (Note: my copy of this commentary is in poor condition and written in old… Continue reading The Great Use of Knowing the Gospel (Perkins)

Church Authority Scripture

 I appreciate how William Perkins (d. 1602) discussed church, Scripture, and authority in his book on preaching, The Art of Prophesying.  Here are a few different but related quotes. “The church can bear witness to the canon of Scripture, but it cannot inwardly persuade us of its authority.  If that were so the voice of… Continue reading Church Authority Scripture