A Prelude to Apostasy: Habitual Avoidance of Public Worship

Sadly, some Christians do not make it a habit or custom to regularly worship God together with other Christians.  For various reasons (a majority of them sinful!) some Christians simply skip corporate worship Lord’s Day after Lord’s Day.  Scripture is clear, however: God’s people must regularly worship him with others!  Hebrews 10:25 talks about “not… Continue reading A Prelude to Apostasy: Habitual Avoidance of Public Worship

Do Not Forsake the Assembly

William Lane wrote several penetrating comments on Hebrews 10.25a.  This goes hand-in-hand with an earlier post of mine on Keller's exhortation to go to (and stay in!) church.  Of course, this opens the door to the Patristic, Scholastic, and Reformation extra ecclesiam non sit salus (outside the church there is no salvation).  Here's Lane: Whatever… Continue reading Do Not Forsake the Assembly