Music Monday: “The Promise May Be Long Delayed…” (Cowper)

Here's a good hymn for God's people who are patiently waiting for his help and aid. It was written by William Cowper and is called, "The Lord Will Provide" (Gen. 22:14). Note: the third stanza is a reference to the story in 1 Samuel 23 where God providentially delivered David from Saul's sword and army.… Continue reading Music Monday: “The Promise May Be Long Delayed…” (Cowper)

A Frowning Providence – Why?

There are times in the Christian's life when God's providence is not pleasant. What I mean by this is sometimes God in his sovereignty allows hard trials to befall his people. The 30-year-old Christian man gets the diagnosis that he has lymphoma. A Christian mother has to go through the painful and heart-breaking experience of… Continue reading A Frowning Providence – Why?

Music Monday: The Lord Will Provide (Cowper)

Christians are familiar with the unforgettable story in Genesis 22 where the Lord provides a ram to take the place of Isaac on the altar. The great phrase in the story is: "Yahweh will provide." William Cowper (John Newton's dear friend) wrote an excellent hymn with this theme of waiting on the Lord - for… Continue reading Music Monday: The Lord Will Provide (Cowper)

None Shall Seek Thy Face in Vain (Cowper)

 I just love the hymns and poems of William Cowper.  In fact, I'd recommend a book of his hymns and poems to use as a short daily devotional.  My wife and I have used this one: William Cowper's Olney Hymns (Curiosmith, 2009). It's not expensive but it is a great resource.  Here's a great hymn I… Continue reading None Shall Seek Thy Face in Vain (Cowper)

Detestation of the Diabolical Slave Traffic (Cowper)

 Most of us have heard about the great work of William Wilberforce who used his God-given gifts and talents to work towards ending the evil practice of the slave trade.  There were others, of course, who worked so diligently with Wilberforce in attaining the goal.  In fact, William Cowper was one of those who spoke… Continue reading Detestation of the Diabolical Slave Traffic (Cowper)