Luther on Free Will

(This is a re-post from September, 2017) If you know a few things about Martin Luther, you probably know that he wrote Bondage of the Will in response to Erasmus' book about the freedom of the will (Discussion Concerning Free Will).  Luther argued from Scripture that man, since Adam's fall, is born in sin, dead… Continue reading Luther on Free Will

The Liberty of the Will (Muller)

  I appreciate how Richard Muller summarizes the Reformed understanding of the human will under his entry "libertas naturae" in Dictionary of Latin and Greek Theological Terms: "The freedom or liberty of nature; viz., the liberty that is proper to a being given its particular nature.  No being, not even omnipotent God, can act contrary… Continue reading The Liberty of the Will (Muller)

God’s Sovereignty and Human Decisions (Blocher)

Here's a helpful paragraph about God's sovereignty from Blocher's Evil and the Cross: "[Along with secondary causes,] Holy Scripture also includes the decisions of free beings under divine sovereignty.  In point of fact, if such realities were excepted, what would remain of human history for God to govern?  The Wisdom writers recognize that to God… Continue reading God’s Sovereignty and Human Decisions (Blocher)

Who Was Thomas Bradwardine?

  If you’ve read a bit into the discussion of the bondage of the will, predestination, and grace, you may have heard of Thomas Bradwardine.  Who was he?  Paul Helm has a helpful summary found in the New Dictionary of Theology (edited by Sinclair Ferguson, David Wright, and and J. I. Packer).  Here it is:… Continue reading Who Was Thomas Bradwardine?