Sale Notice: Excellent Reformed Resources on Logos

I typically don't do blog posts like this, but I just noticed that Logos Bible Software is having a pretty good sale on some very good Reformed resources. And I hope our readers don't mind me posting a list of the sales here - maybe it'll be of some use for some people! If not,… Continue reading Sale Notice: Excellent Reformed Resources on Logos

The Workings of our Remaining Sinful Nature

 Those who have true faith have truly been given new life in Christ.  If a person believes in Christ, he or she has been "born of God" (1 John 5:1).  Regeneration means that someone who was dead in sin is now alive in Christ (Eph. 2:4-5).  However, new birth (regeneration) does not mean that the… Continue reading The Workings of our Remaining Sinful Nature

Of Lawful Vows

Vows are probably not on the radar of many Christians today.  Perhaps there isn’t a specific reason why we don’t think much about vows, or perhaps we’ve heard of crazy or unbiblical vows which has made us shy away from them altogether.  However, there are proper vows that Christians can voluntarily make to God.  Scripture… Continue reading Of Lawful Vows

Reformed Kingdom Ethics

      Last week, I mentioned the historic Reformed distinction between the two kingdoms – God’s kingdom of power and his kingdom of grace/glory (LINK).  Along with this kingdom distinction, Reformed theology has taught what we might call a kingdom ethic.  Or, to ask a catechism question, what do we pray for when we… Continue reading Reformed Kingdom Ethics

Anthony Carter and Wilhelmus a Brakel

 I really liked this answer Anthony Carter, the author of On Being Black and Reformed, gave to the following question: "If you could study under any theologian in church history...who would it be and why?" Carter's answer: "...I would say that I would be most excited to study under Wilhelmus a Brakel (1635-1711).  Admittedly, most would not be… Continue reading Anthony Carter and Wilhelmus a Brakel