The Brilliant Ambiguity of the Westminster Standards

Confessions and creeds are useful tools and teachers for Christians who want guidance for standing firm in the faith.  Sadly, some people view Reformed creeds and confessions as straightjackets or paper popes that bind and restrict Christians in  many ways.  However, the Reformed confessions and creeds are purposely ambiguous on certain doctrines; this allows for… Continue reading The Brilliant Ambiguity of the Westminster Standards

Dear Presbyterian Churches: Don’t Ignore the Larger Catechism!

For various reasons, the Westminster Larger Catechism (WLC) has not been overly influential in American Presbyterian circles the last 100-200 years or so.  I won’t discuss those reasons here now.  However, I do want to take a moment to encourage our readers to read and study the WLC, since, as W. Robert Godfrey wrote, “The… Continue reading Dear Presbyterian Churches: Don’t Ignore the Larger Catechism!

How To Read the Puritan Paperbacks

If you've followed this blog at all, you know that we enjoy the little Banner of Truth series of books called "Puritan Paperbacks."  To be honest, the first time I read one of these Paperbacks (I forget which one), I didn't really enjoy it or appreciate it.  I thought it was too tedious, detailed, and… Continue reading How To Read the Puritan Paperbacks