The American Religious Purpose of Life

I just read a piece somewhere that said most Americans believe in God (better to say "believe in [a] god," I think).  The piece also said many of these same Americans believe in reincarnation, UFOs, witches, and mystical encounters with some divine spirit.  In other words (as Wells and Horton have said before), Americans approach religion… Continue reading The American Religious Purpose of Life

The Westminster Assembly Project: Announcement

This is good news for students of theology and church history, especially those of us with a Presbyterian "bent."  Reformation Heritage Books (RHB) and The Westminster Assembly Project have teamed up to publish some older documents from the theologically fruitful Westminster Assembly and some of its delegates.  Go here for more info - and stay… Continue reading The Westminster Assembly Project: Announcement

The Specifics of Gloryfing God

We all know the excellent opening statement of the Westminster Shorter Catechism: the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.  Of course this is totally biblical (1 Cor 10, Col 3, 1 Pet 4, etc.), but sometimes it gets fuzzy in practice.  In other words, what exactly does it mean to… Continue reading The Specifics of Gloryfing God