“In Your Name, Amen” (??)

Many of us have heard a prayer ending with, "In Your name, Amen."  Perhaps some of us have ended our own prayers this way.  Is this biblical way to end Christian prayer?  I would argue it's not. Before I explain, it is important to remember that none of our prayers are perfect.  We stutter, stammer,… Continue reading “In Your Name, Amen” (??)

Sanctification: A Slow Work of God’s Grace

  The Westminster Larger Catechism, among other things, says that sanctification is “a work of God’s grace” wherein his people “more and more die unto sin and rise unto newness of life” (Q/A 75).  Here’s how B. B. Warfield concludes a sermon on this topic from 2 Thessalonians 5:22-23.  This is an outstanding and much-needed… Continue reading Sanctification: A Slow Work of God’s Grace

Dear Presbyterian Churches: Don’t Ignore the Larger Catechism!

For various reasons, the Westminster Larger Catechism (WLC) has not been overly influential in American Presbyterian circles the last 100-200 years or so.  I won’t discuss those reasons here now.  However, I do want to take a moment to encourage our readers to read and study the WLC, since, as W. Robert Godfrey wrote, “The… Continue reading Dear Presbyterian Churches: Don’t Ignore the Larger Catechism!

American Hymnody: The Musical Dark Ages

Around the turn of the 19th century, Christianity (and religion in general) was undergoing a change: it was becoming more and more democratic (a religion of the people, for the people, and by the people).  Not only did this democratization affect doctrine, ecclesiology, and piety, it also affected Christian and religious hymnody.  Here’s how Nathan… Continue reading American Hymnody: The Musical Dark Ages

Proper Christian Hatred

One of the most frequent ethical exhortations in the Bible is for God’s people to love – him, fellow Christians, and others (even praying for our enemies).  But there is an object of hatred that is proper in the Christian life.  We can and should hate Satan and his kingdom of darkness.  Satan is a… Continue reading Proper Christian Hatred