The Federal Vision and Union With Christ

[Update note: see Lane @ Green Baggins' helpful "sharpening" of my article below.  Thanks Lane!] One area in which the Federal Vision is at odds with historic Reformed theology is the meaning of union with Christ.  This is obviously a huge topic; it’s impossible to discuss it all in a single post.  So for now… Continue reading The Federal Vision and Union With Christ

The Westminster Assembly Project: Announcement

This is good news for students of theology and church history, especially those of us with a Presbyterian "bent."  Reformation Heritage Books (RHB) and The Westminster Assembly Project have teamed up to publish some older documents from the theologically fruitful Westminster Assembly and some of its delegates.  Go here for more info - and stay… Continue reading The Westminster Assembly Project: Announcement

For Students of Prayer

 One way to grow in our Christian sighs and prayers is to assume our life long position as students - by learning from wise teachers.  Here are a few resources I've found helpful when studying the Lord's Prayer or prayer in general.  (Note: these are not in any special order; I also realize there are other… Continue reading For Students of Prayer