Preaching: “So Weighty A Service”

One of the major and most important things that the Westminster Assembly (1643-1653) did for the Church of England was reforming the pastoral ministry. During the first part of the 17th Century in many areas of England there was a shortage of good biblical preaching. In fact, there was a shortage of preaching in general.… Continue reading Preaching: “So Weighty A Service”

The Sweat and the Blood (Herle)

Charles Herle (d. 1659) was a Presbyterian pastor in England who was also a commissioner to the Westminster Assembly. At one point he was the prolocutor (chairman) of the Assembly. He published various sermons and essays as well as a devotional called "Contemplations and Devotions on the Severall Passages of our Blessed Saviour's Death and… Continue reading The Sweat and the Blood (Herle)

The Westminster Assembly Project: Announcement

This is good news for students of theology and church history, especially those of us with a Presbyterian "bent."  Reformation Heritage Books (RHB) and The Westminster Assembly Project have teamed up to publish some older documents from the theologically fruitful Westminster Assembly and some of its delegates.  Go here for more info - and stay… Continue reading The Westminster Assembly Project: Announcement