The Gospel Gives; The Law Demands (Walther)

 The more I preach and teach in a historic Christian church, the more I see the value in properly distinguishing between the law and the gospel.  Luther and the subsequent Reformers were not exaggerating when they strongly emphasized the need to distinguish between law and gospel.  Here's how C. F. W. Walther explained it in… Continue reading The Gospel Gives; The Law Demands (Walther)

You Will Not Stand Your Pulpits Sad Faced (Walther)

C. F. W. Walther was a late 19th century Lutheran theologian who is known for his book called The Proper Distinction Between Law And Gospel.  This book is actually the written version of evening lectures he gave in 1884/1885 to men preparing for the gospel ministry.  Since I'm Reformed, I don't agree with everything Walther… Continue reading You Will Not Stand Your Pulpits Sad Faced (Walther)

Rightly Handling the Word of Truth

If you've wanted to either 1) get "into" C. F. W. Walther's book, The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel (Saint Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1929/1986) but don't have the time, or 2) learn more about the law/gospel distinction in Reformation thought, you'll certainly want to grab Pless' Handling the Word of Truth: Law and… Continue reading Rightly Handling the Word of Truth

The Final Walther Law/Gospel Theses

I meant to put these on a few days back.  Anyway, here they are: Thesis XXI.  In the seventeenth place, the Word of God is not rightly divided when men are taught that the Sacraments produce salutary effects ex opere operato, that is, by the mere outward performance of a sacramental act. Thesis XXII. In… Continue reading The Final Walther Law/Gospel Theses

Law/Gospel Theses Part II

  More from Walther (continued from yesterday): Thesis XI. In the seventh place, the Word of God is not rightly divided when there is a disposition to offer the comfort of the Gospel only to those who have been made contrite by the Law, not from fear of the wrath and punishment of God, but from love… Continue reading Law/Gospel Theses Part II