The Gospel: Sincere Obedience?

  This is one of the most significant statements I've read in quite a while.  It is by Walter Marshall in The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification first published in 1692. "The difference between the law and the gospel does not at all consist in this, that the one requires perfect doing; the other, only sincere doing;… Continue reading The Gospel: Sincere Obedience?

Justification Vindicated

 I recently finished Robert Traill's (d. 1716) excellent treatise called Justification Vindicated (Carlisle: Banner of Truth, 2002).  This was originally published in 1692 as a response to Arminian legalist errors (i.e. Richard Baxter) as well as those of the Antinomians (i.e. Tobias Crisp).  As a side note, Traill also made me go out and purchase Walter Marshall's Gospel Mystery… Continue reading Justification Vindicated