Know These Two Things: Law and Gospel

Here's a wonderful section of Walter Marshall's 1692 publication, The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification: The most effectual knowledge for your salvation is to understand these two points: 1) the desperate sinfulness and misery of your own natural condition, and 2) the alone sufficiency of the grace of God in Christ for your salvation, that you… Continue reading Know These Two Things: Law and Gospel

Letting The Law In The Back Door of Justification

When it comes to religion, humans are wired with law.  Since Adam broke the covenant of works in the garden, people have always attempted to please God (or god/gods) by doing something for him.  The law that says ‘do this and live’ is part of human DNA.  This is why it is so hard for… Continue reading Letting The Law In The Back Door of Justification

The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification – Reprinted!

  This is very good: Reformation Heritage Books (RHB) recently reprinted Walter Marshall's 1692 publication, The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification.  Marshall was a 17th century English Puritan (nonconformist) who struggled with spiritual depression (i.e. lack of assurance and peace) for a time.  He read Baxter extensively, but questioned it for its legalism.  A discussion with Thomas… Continue reading The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification – Reprinted!

Law/Gospel (Walter Marshall)

This is outstanding: "The difference between the law and the gospel does not at all consist in this: that the one requires perfect doing, the other only sincere doing - but in this: that the one requires doing, the other, not doing but believing for life and salvation.  Their terms are different, not only in… Continue reading Law/Gospel (Walter Marshall)

Addicted to Law (or Loving Legalism)

 Read this amazing piece by Walter Marshall (in The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification). "We are naturally so prone to ground our salvation on our own works, that if we cannot make them procuring conditions and causes of our salvation by Christ, yet we shall endeavor at least to make them necessary preparatives, to fit us… Continue reading Addicted to Law (or Loving Legalism)