Distinguishing Marks of False Prophets in the OT (Kaiser)

In his second letter, the Apostle Peter wrote about false prophets that arose among God's people in the past (2 Pet. 2:1). From the context, we can deduce that Peter was talking about false prophets in Old Testament Israel. One point Peter is making is that we can learn about modern day false prophets and… Continue reading Distinguishing Marks of False Prophets in the OT (Kaiser)

The Hebrew Term for “The Flood” (TWOT)

 In the famous story of Noah, his family, and the ark, the Hebrew term for flood is not a regular word or phrase for "a lot of water."  There are other words in the OT that mean "a lot of water" (e.g. מַיִם - "waters") and there are phrases that mean "a lot of water"… Continue reading The Hebrew Term for “The Flood” (TWOT)