Vos on OT Shadows

This book, Vos' Biblical Theology, is profound a thousand times.  Here's one section that is stellar; it is on the types and shadows in the Mosaic economy (p. 147-148). "The new thing is that now, in the time of Moses, a system of types is established, so that the whole organism of the world of… Continue reading Vos on OT Shadows

Vos: Pressing Home the Gospel

I'm aware of the discussions and disagreements on preaching and application.  While application can be moralistic and law-heavy, true application in a sermon reflects gratitude and piety that is gospel centered.  Geerhardus Vos' chapel sermons, Grace and Glory, are perfect examples.  I'm thinking of all of them, but especially the one which Machen called "one… Continue reading Vos: Pressing Home the Gospel

Bavinck on the Noahic Covenant: The Covenant With Nature

Herman Bavinck is most helpful when it comes to explaining the details of the Noahic covenant. First of all, he puts it in volume III of Dogmatics, under the covenant of grace instead of volume II where he puts the covenant of works. Speaking of the covenant of grace and the post-flood administration, "we must… Continue reading Bavinck on the Noahic Covenant: The Covenant With Nature

Vos on Preaching and the Lord’s Supper

Geerhardus Vos, in a sermon preached at Princeton in 1902, notes the importance of cross centered preaching.  In a wonderful way, he brings it to the table of the Lord.    "There can be a betrayal of the gospel of grace by silence. There can be disloyalty to Christ by omission as well as by positive offence against… Continue reading Vos on Preaching and the Lord’s Supper

The Joy of Resurrection Life: A Meditation from Vos

The sermons of Geerhardus Vos are treasures, to say the least. These are messages that focus the Christian on the things that are not fading away - the eternal things. As Sinclair Ferguson wrote in the introduction, "These pages contain a thesaurus of theological riches, a gold mine whose every vein is packed with gleaming… Continue reading The Joy of Resurrection Life: A Meditation from Vos