“God Walked Here Upon The Earth” (Machen)

 In the 1930's J. Gresham Machen wrote that belief in the virgin birth "is certainly necessary to Christianity," and also "necessary to the corporate witness of the Church."  In the concluding chapter of his excellent scholarly book, The Virgin Birth of Christ, Machen made some great conclusions on his lengthy study of the biblical truth that… Continue reading “God Walked Here Upon The Earth” (Machen)

Machen on Indicative and Imperative (Gospel and Law)

  "It seems never to have occurred to the adherents of this religion [an imitation of Jesus religion] that there is such a thing as sin, and that sin places an awful gulf between man and God.  But those convictions, though they are unpopular at the present time, are certainly quite central in the Christian… Continue reading Machen on Indicative and Imperative (Gospel and Law)