The Bible, Violence, and the Gospel

Even if we haven't seen many examples of violence up close and in real life, we are very familiar with it. From news stories about shootings and mob riots to movies and TV series full of serious violence, we know what it is. And we know it's not good! Speaking of violence, there's a helpful… Continue reading The Bible, Violence, and the Gospel

On Supporting an Abused Woman (Bancroft)

This is a book you should have on your shelves if you need a helpful resource on abuse: Why Does He Do That by Lundy Bancroft. Specifically, this is a book that discusses the various aspects of abusive men. For example, it goes into the abuser's mentality, the different types of abusive men, his patterns,… Continue reading On Supporting an Abused Woman (Bancroft)

Culture’s Bipolar View of Violence

 Our culture has a bipolar view of violence.  On the one hand, we are completely against it.  The media is constantly pointing out all the violence in our culture: rape, shootings, homicides, etc.  Our culture is always speaking against these things and the media highlights them as bad news. On the other hand, our culture… Continue reading Culture’s Bipolar View of Violence

Forgiveness and the Grinding Halt of Vengeance (Volf)

Miroslav Volf's Exclusion and Embrace is a very thoughtful and interesting book on identity, reconciliation, oppression, justice, and so forth.  I don't agree with everything Volf says, but I am enjoying the book.  This morning I ran across his section on forgiveness, which was very helpful.  Here are a few quotes worth noting: "Instead of… Continue reading Forgiveness and the Grinding Halt of Vengeance (Volf)

An Abuser’s Mentality

Many of us know people that are manipulative, abusive, and unstable yet put on a good façade and trick many people (even in the church).  Good questions arise: what is the mentality of an abusive person?  How can we spot him?  What type of thinking, speaking, and acting do abusers display?  Jeff Crippen and Anna… Continue reading An Abuser’s Mentality