Bored, Boring, Boredom

 Richard Winter's book Still Bored in a Culture of Entertainment is a great book that asks and answers this question from an intelligent, biblical point of view: Why are so many Americans bored when there are a billion things for us to do?  Another way to think about this topic is that Americans are "distracted from distraction by distraction."   In this book… Continue reading Bored, Boring, Boredom

VeggieTales and Wal-Mart

  You need to get this book.  I posted on it last week; here's another excellent blurb. "One particular episode of VeggieTales has Madame Blueberry acquiring so much stuff that her tree house eventually collapses.  She has become a slave to her stuff, to the accumulation of things.  She has forsaken people, her friends, in the… Continue reading VeggieTales and Wal-Mart