The Three-fold Use of the Law (Berkhof)

 For quite some time Reformed theologians have, following various texts and nuances in Scripture, said there is a three-fold use of God's moral law.  Here's how Louis Berkhof explained it: It is customary in theology to distinguish a three-fold use of the law. 1. The three defined. We distinguish: a. A usus politicus or civilis.… Continue reading The Three-fold Use of the Law (Berkhof)

The Three Uses of God’s Law

(NOTE: this is a repost from March, 2009) When the Reformed and Lutheran scholastics talked about God’s moral law (lex moralis), they taught that there are three basic uses of the law (usus legis).  According to Richard Muller’s helpful research, they are: 1) The civil use (usus politicus sive civilis).  That is, the law serves… Continue reading The Three Uses of God’s Law

Horton on the Uses of the Law

I appreciate Michael Horton’s discussion of the uses of the law in justification and sanctification: in a word, the law drives us to Christ and it is a guide for living a thankful Christian life. “The law remains the standard of measurement both for justification and for sanctification.  By it the sinner is condemned and… Continue reading Horton on the Uses of the Law