Explaining Our Knowledge of God (Letham)

  Here's a helpful section of Robert Letham's new Systematic Theology.  It has to do with the nature of our knowledge of and language about God. Our knowledge of God is not univocal, identical to his in manner or content.  If it were, it would yield a precise identity between God's knowledge and ours.  His knowledge… Continue reading Explaining Our Knowledge of God (Letham)

Bavinck on Our Knowledge of the Triune God

Here's a summary of Bavinck on human knowledge of God.  It can be found in his Reformed Dogmatics, volume II, page 110.  As you read this, also remember Bavinck's constant chorus of the Creator/creature distinction.  The following sounds pretty much like Turretin on the same topic.  Don't let anyone tell you that Bavinck wasn't working… Continue reading Bavinck on Our Knowledge of the Triune God