A Prayer of Anselm: “Truth and Understanding”

  Many of us may have heard Anselm's (d. 1109) famous line, "I believe so that I may understand."  That famous line is part of a longer (and outstanding) prayer we may not have heard.  Here it is (at least part of it).  Read it slowly and deeply. "I acknowledge, Lord, and I give thanks… Continue reading A Prayer of Anselm: “Truth and Understanding”

Anselm: Faith and Reason

   Over the years, I've enjoyed Bengt Hagglund's History of Theology.  Here's a section from chapter 17, specifically on Anselm.  "Anselm, like Augustine before him, represented that position with respect to faith and reason which was customarily characterized by the expression, 'I believe in order that I may understand' (credo ut intelligam).  Basing their opinion on… Continue reading Anselm: Faith and Reason