Election and Good Works (Toplady)

 When it comes to the doctrine of unconditional election, some have objected by saying this doctrine leads people to neglect to do good works.  They reason this way: if God doesn't elect people based on good things they've done, why would anyone do good works?  It's not a new objection!  Augustus Toplady (d. 1778) answered… Continue reading Election and Good Works (Toplady)

“His Mercy Preceded Them” (Augustine on Election)

 The quote below is an outstanding section of Augustine's "Treatise on the Predestination of the Saints."  This selection is a little longer than I usually post and it isn't the easiest thing in the world to read, but I'd encourage you to work through it.  I'm sure you can handle it - it's for sure… Continue reading “His Mercy Preceded Them” (Augustine on Election)

Unconditional Election and Ineffable Grace (Augustine)

 Augustine clearly taught unconditional election; it did not originate with Calvin.  They both rejected the teaching of conditional election, that God elects people because he foresaw faith in them.  Furthermore, both Calvin and Augustine found unconditional election in Scripture.  Here are Augustine's comments on John 15:16 (You did not choose Me but I chose you… Continue reading Unconditional Election and Ineffable Grace (Augustine)

The Distinctive Characteristics of Predestination (Brakel)

In both the Old and New Testaments, the Bible talks about election and predestination.  He has in mercy chosen some sinners to salvation and in justice has passed by others.  God didn't elect some to salvation because he knew they'd believe, or because they were more worthy than others.  He chose to save some sinners… Continue reading The Distinctive Characteristics of Predestination (Brakel)

Augustine on Unconditional Election

Here are some excellent lines from Augustine on the doctrine of election – specifically unconditional election.  Augustine wrote these words in his comments on John 15:15-16. “Ye have not chosen me,” He says, “but I have chosen you.” Grace such as that is ineffable. For what were we so long as Christ had not yet… Continue reading Augustine on Unconditional Election