The Exodus Motif in Scripture (Estelle)

 It's not a new insight for many students of Scripture when they hear that the exodus event is alluded to or referred to many times in the Bible.  From the Psalms to the Prophets to the NT authors, the exodus is an important theme in Scripture.  Bryan Estelle's book, Echoes of Exodus, is a nice survey… Continue reading The Exodus Motif in Scripture (Estelle)

Typology, Providence, Sovereignty

The New Testament teaches that there are types and shadows in the Old Testament (Rom 5:14, Heb 8:5).  A 1:64 model car is a type of a real, full size car.  The shadow of a house is an image of the actual house itself.  We can learn things from the model car and the shadow… Continue reading Typology, Providence, Sovereignty

Figural Reading (Seitz)

I just got Christopher Seitz's Figured Out: Typology and Providence in Christian Scripture (Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 2001).  Since I have sermons to write I only had time to read the intro so far, but it looks like this will be an amazing read.  Here's the summary of the introduction. "Figural reading is not an exegetical technique.  It is… Continue reading Figural Reading (Seitz)